Harry Potter

Message About Some Bottles

Snape's seven bottles - or the next best thing to them.

How low can the Bagger go? At least they aren’t publishing Harry Potter fan fiction. Or haven’t been, so far. Well, not quite.

The good news: Voldemort isn’t coming back. Even those who failed to read about his ignominious demise in 2007 have by now watched it both in the cinema and on DVD, at least twice; and J. K. Rowling has actually turned to writing other stuff, instead of giving us (as many feared) a prequel on the youthful adventures of Armando Dippet. The world is well and truly rid of Tom Riddle.

The bad news: We are still struggling with the other riddle – the one Harry and Hermione were confronted with in The Philosopher’s Stone, towards the end of chapter sixteen (“Through the Trapdoor”); a logical puzzle concerning bottles, set by the children’s sinister Potions teacher Severus Snape. Several solutions have been published; yet, while some of them are quite accurate as far as they go, I haven’t seen a complete analysis, and nobody, it seems, has even begun to think about its implications.

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